PARTNER EVENT - Sinkyone Wilderness Trail Restoration

Sinkyone Wilderness State Park - help restore damaged trail

June 12 - 17


6 days/5 nights




Sinkyone Wilderness Trail Restoration 2016

June 12 – 17,  6 days 5 nights
Max Capacity: 15

Note: Registration opens April 1.

Rating: STRENUOUS  *Trip Leader approval needed to register

Work alongside Sinkyone Wilderness State Park volunteers for six days, in this remote and beautiful section of the California Coastal Trail. Backpack into the Southern end of the Trail from Usal; clearing the path to make it usable and enjoyable to hikers again. Enjoy beachcombing, observing Roosevelt Elk, Marine Mammals, Hawks and maybe an Eagle or two. Marvel at the Old Growth Redwood grove of Sally Bell. We provide the leadership, tools, safety gear, and food. You bring your backpacking equipment and some positive energy.


This is an event being held and managed by a partner organization.   When you register for this event we will pass on your registration information to the trip leader and our partner organization.

More information coming soon.

 More information coming soon

Auto Biography of David La Follette

I am a third generation Californian, now living in Ukiah, in Mendocino County. I have an education in Biological Science and years of experience in traveling and working in the woods and enjoying our Natural History.

Having retired from Cal Fire about ten years ago I got to travel all around the State fighting fires. Now I get to go to some of the Beautiful natural areas of this state and the world seeing the fauna and flora as a Naturalist.

I first become aware of Coastwalk in 1983 when as President of Madrone Audubon Society; a group of coastal activists approached the Sonoma Environmental Counsel seeking seed money to start Coastwalk. I joined their group and helped organize and lead the first couple of years of “Walks”. Then a permanent position with CDF opened up in Mendocino County and I took it. As a wildland fire fighter, back then, we couldn’t take summer vacation so making plans with Coastwalk ended, until I retired.

With my summers free again, I have coordinated and led about ten years of “Walks” in Mendocino, Sonoma, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. My commitment to Coastwalk has grown as I stepped up to help, with the Walks Committee, as a Day Hike Leader and now on the Advisory Committee. Our latest project, a “Service Walk” will bring out my knowledge of working in the Forest with hand tools and combine it with coordinating a camping/hiking trip like a Coastwalk. This project will bring me a lot of satisfaction actually building another section of the California Coastal Trail. Finishing the whole CCT. is a life time goal of mine.

More information coming soon


Sinkyone Trail Restoration

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SinkyoneTrail Restoration