The Toodles Trek

Coastwalk is excited to be following through-hiker Derek, known to the hiking community as “Toodles”, on his solo through hike of the California Coastal Trail in 2017.  Toodles began his trek in late February up at the Oregon border and amazingly made it down to the Bay Area before April 1st despite it being the wettest winter in over thirty years.  He is hiking eighteen to twenty miles per day.  He is one really fit guy!

Follow him here and learn about his adventures as he hikes south on the CCT and then turns around and hikes back north toward his home in Northern California via the Pacific Crest Trail!   Two of California’s iconic long distance trails in six months!

In addition to advocating for completing the California Coastal Trail, Toodles is raising money for kid’s camperships.  The funds he raises here will pay for kids, who could not otherwise afford it, to participate in a Family Coastwalk in 2017 or 2018.

Check back here often to learn about Toodles latest adventures and progress on the California Coastal Trail!

Follow Along

Visit Toodle’s blog to stay up to date on his adventure!


Where is Toodles Now?
San Francisco County

Coastwalk’s Future Guided by Its Past

Long-time Coastwalkers took through hiker Derek “Toodles” out to brunch on March 26th in celebration of his reaching Bodega Bay, birthplace of California’s coastal movement. Toodles represents a new generation of coastal advocates. His solo winter hike on the California Coastal Trail is very impressive and his dedication to protecting and sharing our coast with future generations heartwarming.

Check out his close encounters with rowdy racoons and observations about the kindness of others along the Trail in his blog.

“Kindness is strength. To be kind is to be human…..Along my way I have encountered acts of kindness that I am not fully deserving of, but I will forever be thankful for and never forget all the people who have been kind to this lonely, solo hiker.”