Estero Americano


2000 Estero Ln
Estero Americano, california

The 547-acre Estero Americano Coastal Preserve , known previously as the Estero Ranch or the Bottarini Ranch, is located at the boundary of Marin and Sonoma counties and takes in about a mile of frontage along the steep-sided estero, a remote tidal estuary that provides habitat for hundreds of fish and wildlife species. It also includes about three-quarters of a mile of coastline rising in some areas to a point 600 feet above sea level.

The land, which includes environmentally sensitive and biologically diverse coastal prairie habitat, provides critical linkage in the wildlife corridor along the coast, hosting badgers, bobcats, and deer and other species. It also is in the heart of the Pacific Flyway bird migratory route, offering important forage for waterfowl and raptors.

The Estero Americano Coastal Preserve is not currently open to the public unless accompanied by the Wildlands Conservancy (who also owns and manages the Jenner Headlands Preserve) but will eventually be opened to public access and  support a stretch of the California Coastal Trail connecting up with Regional Parks’ Shorttail Gulch Trail on the north.

Ranger Station

Doran Beach Ranger Station