CCTA Membership Information

We Invite You to Become a Member!

The California Coastal Trail Association (CCTA) and the State Coastal Conservancy invite you to become a member of the CCTA!

The CCTA is a new program developed by thirty year old non-profit, Coastwalk California in partnership with the Coastal Conservancy.  CCTA members include coastal County governments, City governments, other coastal jurisdictions plus NGOs that focus on the coast. Most California coastal counties and many cities are already members.

The purpose of the CCTA is to:

  • Expand awareness and use of the California Coastal Trail (CCT)
  • Promote Tourism and economic development related to the CCT
  • Help counties and cities that own segments of the CCT by providing information, mapping and support so they can be successful in funding, completing, managing, and promoting their trail segment
  • Link together NGOs to share information, support trail users and promote the Trail

The California Coastal Trail is an official Trail of the State of California that, when complete, will run the entire length of California’s coastline. It provides healthy recreation for people from every walk of life – a chance to get outside and revel in the beauty that is coastal California. It is tremendously popular with the public and is a huge economic asset, generating millions in tourism and from the outdoor recreation industry. The CCT provides free healthy recreation for everyone – old and young, from every community, income level and background.

Please consider becoming a member of the CCTA. Your Membership dues will be matched by the State Coastal Conservancy. Join us as we draw a map for the CCTA’s future. Help us prioritize future investment in web promotions, maps, public information, trail based activities, festival promotions and more. Let us know how we we can best promote this valuable public asset in a way that meets your region’s needs. Many jurisdictions are using “Bed Tax” funds to pay for their membership dues.  Others use Parks & Recreation of Public Works funds.

Let’s work together to make the California Coastal Trail the renowned world class destination it is meant to be. Membership dues are based organization size and a schedule of these dues are in the Membership Packet. Also included is a sample resolution, available for modification, for use in jurisdiction’s legislative process. Click the adjacent button to view and print the Application Packet.

Remember, your dues are matched by the Coastal Conservancy, leveraging your investment in our coastline’s future.

Complete, sign and return the attached membership form. And, please call if you have any questions – we are happy to chat with you at any time. Thank you so much for your time and interest!