The San Luis Obispo Classic Coastwalk

Hike from Piedras Blancas to Montana de Oro while we haul your gear.

July 8-13

6 days/5 nights


Rating: Moderate
$595 adult


San Luis Obispo Classic

Rigorous hikes of 6-11 miles per day along hard sand and dirt trails on bluffs, 6 days/5 nights camping, 24 capacity.

July 8 – 13

$595 Adult

The popular San Luis Obispo Classic Coastwalk is back and includes new walks. Trek from Piedras Blancas near the entrance to Big Sur through the newly opened trails inside the Diablo Canyon reservation. Highlights include 18 miles of newly-acquired California Coastal Trail through the Hearst Ranch, the Piedras Blancas lighthouse, the elephant seal breeding grounds, San Simeon State Park, Moonstone Beach, Estero Bluffs State Park, Cayucos and Morro Beaches, Morro Rock, spectacular pocket beaches of Montana de Oro State Park and the Point Buchon Trail to Diablo Canyon. Our campgrounds are chosen to maximize our group’s privacy and minimize the number of camp set-ups. Enjoy the rugged bluffs, natural beauty, fascinating Geology, abundant wildlife and Chumash history.

Max Capacity: 24




Set in the shadow of Hearst Castle 18 miles of newly acquired California Coastal Trail through the Hearst Ranch, the Piedra Blanca lighthouse, the elephant seal breeding grounds, San Simeon State Park, charming Cambria, spectacular pocket beaches of Montana de Oro State Park and the Point Buchon Trail to Diablo Canyon.

Trip Includes:

camping & parking fees; guided hiking; dinners (except 1 nights); shuttle transportation; gear haul; evening programs; tour of Nit Wit Ridge; dinners, hot water/coffee & light breakfast fixings

Make Sure to Bring:

cash for public bus transportation; cash for dinner in Cambria

Average Daily Hiking:

5 to 11 miles per day

Types of Hiking Surfaces:

Coastal bluffs on small tracks and wide trails; sandy beaches; a minimum of scenic paved areas.

Elevation Gains & Losses:

fairly level

Fitness Requirements:

There are no additional fitness requirements for this trip.


San Luis Obispo

Sample Itinerary

Day 1:
Harmony Headlands round trip

Day 2: 
Old Piedras Blancas Motel to San Simeon State Beach

Day 3:
San Simeon State Beach to Cambria, with a tour of Nitwit Ridge

Day 4:
Estero Bluffs to Morro Bay State Park

Day 5:
Montano De Oro Campground to Windy Point (Diablo Canyon)

Day 6:
Port San Luis to Point St Luis Lighthouse on Pecho Coast Trail



Mike MinkyMike Minky

2018 will be the 7th year that Mike Minky leads the SLO Coastwalk. A CPA by day, Mike owns several record companies specializing in a wide range of classics from Cambodian psychedelic surf bands to Calypso to ‘60’s East L.A. garage bands. Mike’s first Coastwalk was joining the 2003 Border to Border walkers for 3 weeks on the San Simeon to Carpinteria leg. As land acquisitions have opened up new trails on the Central Coast, Mike has been bushwhacking and marking for the future route of the California Coastal Trail.

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