General Information

Coastwalk California offers well-planned trips that are safe and enjoyable; sometimes circumstances beyond our control (e.g., natural causes or trail closures) may cause unanticipated changes in itinerary, including cancellation.

Coastwalks vary in their degrees of difficulty, hiking distances and terrain. Some involve casual walks over easy terrain; some are moderate hikes of 5-10 miles per day; a few even have a combination of difficulty and terrain in the same day.

Participants should be in good health and good physical and hiking condition. Any doubts regarding the ability to fully participate and complete a Walk on foot should be addressed with a physician. Call our office at 707-829-6689 prior to registering if you need additional information about the Walk’s difficulty.

After registering, you will receive a pre-trip packet, including information about what to bring and transportation. In general, and unless otherwise indicated in the trip description, participants bring their own tent, sleeping bag and dishware; on most walks, participants also bring breakfast and lunch foods, and light snacks. Hot beverages and oatmeal are provided on most trips, in addition to the meals specified in the individual trip’s description.

Are Coastwalks for Me?

Coastwalk programs are for any healthy and fit person over the age of six. If you enjoy walking or hiking and are seeking a fun, educational family trip, or want to enjoy spectacular day hikes while also enjoying the comfort of the indoors, Coastwalks are for you!

We offer walking trips geared for families, or adults only, and backpacking trips for those who yearn for wild, untrammelled beaches.

Participants should be in good health and good physical and hiking condition.

Types of Walks

Types of Walks


Hike with your daypack while we haul your gear! We welcome you back to camp with a hot meal and a drink. Local naturalists, historians and advocates for the coast guide you on daily hikes.

Family Adventures

With short dayhikes, family friendly meals and fun educational evening programs, these are great summer trips for Coastwalkers of all ages!

Backpacks & Treks

Led by experienced hikers who check tides, prehike routes and help you prepare with a clear gear list and meal ideas. Enjoy the one way hike with transportation provided back to the trailhead. Enjoy a modified backpack with a Trek where we haul the gear for you.

What's Included in the Coastwalk Fee?

Program fees support Coastwalk California’s coastal advocacy, education, outreach and stewardship work. Fees include guided walks and evening programs, most trail shuttle transportation, entrance and camping fees, dinners and beverages, and in the case of indicated programs, most meals and double occupancy rooms.

Participants are responsible for their own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, and dishware). Everyone is asked to volunteer and participate in simple camp clean-up.

All minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, an adult authorized by a parent, or legal guardian.

What do I Need to Bring?

Participants provide their own camping gear, breakfast, lunch and snack food, unless otherwise noted. Coastwalk volunteers shuttle all the gear brought by participants (except what they take in a daypack) and deliver it to the next overnight location. Because space is limited on most walks each person’s gear is limited to what can fit into one large duffle bag (35″ x 17″ x 12″) or two small duffle bags (20″ x 12″ x 12″), AND one daypack. Participants will receive a detailed packing list for their particular trip in advance of the trip.

Food on Coastwalks

Participants will receive forms prior to the trip, on which one has the opportunity to indicate whether one is a vegetarian or has serious food allergies. Additional special needs should be discussed with Coastwalk staff. You should plan on bringing some “just in case” provisions.

Participants provide their own camping gear, breakfasts, lunches and snacks, unless otherwise noted.

We’ve had questions about what to bring for lunches. On the more remote walks, far from restaurants and stores, you’ll want food that will keep in your “food sack” for five days, because ice chests are extremely limited in space.

These are items we have noticed people eating (sometimes with great envy): Oranges and hard apples, individually wrapped firm cheeses, one-serving cans of tuna with crackers, dried fruit, smoked fish or canned sardines, hard salami or sausages, nuts, hunks of hard cheeses, granola bars or health bars, individually wrapped hard candies, and of course, good old trail mix. Cold cereals and granola are popular.

Often you will find bread for sandwiches left from the last dinner. Then there are other leftovers from the past evening’s dinner, which lucky or experienced Coastwalkers plan for. Bring a little plastic container that seals to scoop up these goodies for the next day’s lunch!

Remember, you are not packing ALL your food, just enough for some lunches, breakfasts and hiking snacks. Many people go home at the end of the week with pounds of food (on or in them).