Our Mission

To ensure the right of all people to reach and responsibly enjoy the California coast.

Our Vision

A well-stewarded California coast, highly prized as an irreplaceable commons, open to all. 

The California Coastal Trail Association

Connecting Trails and Communities along the California Coastline.

Our Work

To complete the California Coastal Trail, a ribbon of coastal protection stretching over 1,200 miles of coastline.

Coastal Cleanup Day 2020

Honoring the spirit of the 36th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day, “Protect Your Happy Place” Coastwalk will be launching the  Coastwalk Cleanup Crew!  This program will enable individuals and families to safely participate in beach cleanups, receive beach cleanup supplies, and learn how to use the CleanSwell app. Please check back or follow us on Facebook for news and information and how to register for this exciting new program.   To learn about the history of Coastal Cleanup Day – CLEANUP STORY MAP 


Coastal Trail Videos

Watch videos on various segments of the the California Coastal Trail produced by KCET with support provided by the California Coastal Commission

Maps and More

View detailed Maps of the California Coastal Trail, a network of public trails for walkers, bikers, equestrians, wheelchair riders and others along the 1200-mile California coastline.


Coastal Podcasts

Learn more about the history of the California Coast through stories and a recent interview with the late Peter Douglas with our Stories of the Coast Podcasts.

Imagine a ribbon of protection...

stretching along the coastline from Oregon to Mexico, that is the California Coastal Trail. The coastal trail would not exist without the support of individuals like you, who care about coastal preservation and access.