The California coast and Coastwalk California have many special supporters.  Here we acknowledge those who have left us but who bestowed a legacy of caring and contributing to our beautiful coastal commons and our California community in their own unique way.

Bill Kortum

1927 – 2014






Bill Kortum co – founded Coastwalk in 1983.  He loved our coastal “commons” and spent much of his life defending the California coastline and working to preserve public access to the coast.  MORE

Laura Julietta Hirschfeld Mulley

1976 – 2015


In loving memory of Laura Julietta Hirschfeld Mulley, who loved California, and loved the coast. Here she is on one of her many visits to Goat Rock and Salmon Creek area. Notice the broken heart on her sweatshirt. Broken open with love.

Don Nierlich


Don Nierlich served on the Board of Coastwalk and was fiercely dedicated to the California coast.  A lifelong resident of Santa Monica, he was spent many hours working on Coastwalk’s California Coastal Trail website and database.

Don had seemingly infinite energy and enthusiasm. He was an avid nature photographer and hiker, and loved nothing more than hiking or backpacking with family and good friends. An inveterate tinkerer, his life was full of projects and repairs, spanning a ham radio license in his youth to numerous computer and media projects in recent years.

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.



Charles Lohr

June 16, 1953- January 6, 2019



 Charles co-lead and helped to revamp the SLO Coastwalk. A dedicated volunteer, he trail blazed and helped organize the walk for 8 years. All the participants in those walks remember his caring and helpful manner, always there to aid when something needed doing.

Charles Lohr never went for the ordinary. A Hollywood native, he worked in cutting edge entertainment- from arcades to television to audio technology. The work took him to many exotic locations for extended periods. He led a full life; always returning to hike the California Coast that he dearly loved. During the long Coastwalks, we would all look forward to being entertained by his recounts of a lifetime in the industry.

Charlie’s ashes were scattered at sea from a Polynesian war canoe during the 2019 SLO Coastwalk. He will be missed and always loved.