Southern Del Norte County/Northern Humboldt County

6 days/5 nights

Rating: Moderate

Max Capacity: 20

$750 Coastwalk Member Price

$800 Non-Member Price

Ever Popular – Fills Fast!

Join us and discover the remote Northern California coastline where the redwoods meet the sea.  Long and short hikes options available each day. On this Coastwalk you will visit isolated beaches, ancient dunes, rocky bluffs, marine terraces and virgin redwood forests. Spend time with local naturalists, historians and advocates for the coast who will guide you on daily hikes from the campsite at the California/Oregon border along the Klamath River and south to one of California’s most scenic spots … Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park.

All Camping Fees & meals are included in the price. 

 This Coastwalk begins in Southern Del Norte at beautiful Kamp Klamath Campground and RV Park. The Klamath River is the second largest river in California. Coastwalkers will pitch their tents for a three-night stay at Kamp Klamath Campground which is located at the mouth of the Klamath River. The Klamath River in Del Norte County is part of the Yurok Indian Reservation and also borders Redwood National Park. On the fourth day of this Coastwalk we’ll pack up our gear in our cars and drive to to Prairie Creek Redwood State Park in Northern Humboldt County where Coastwalkers will setup camp and stay for the remainder of the Coastwalk. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park contains old-growth redwoods, prairies, and the scenic Gold Bluffs Beach. This Coastwalk is rated as moderate but shorter walks can be accommodated. Please note on some hikes there may be as much as a 700ft elevation gain. Most of the trails we will be walking are packed dirt, but there will some areas that are uneven and have protruding rocks, roots, minor obstructions and possible small creek crossings. 

Day 1 –  Arrive at Kamp Klamath Campground, set up camp, hike from camp to the mouth of the Klamath River.


Day 2 – Shuttle bothways:  Lagoon Creek to Klamath Overlook. A Naturalist will join us and give a talk on the unique Del Norte County coastal environment.


Day 3 – Shuttle back: Hike from camp from the mouth of the Klamath River to Carruthes Cove in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.


Day 4 – Move camp to Elk Prairie Campground in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Hike from camp from James Irvine to Miners Loop.


Day 5 – Shuttle bothways: Hike on the Ossagon Creek Trail to Fern Canyon.

Coastwalk will provide options for both breakfast and lunch. Dinners will be prepared by volunteer “food angels” who support Coastwalk. Please bring any personal food or drug items in well-marked sturdy containers to be placed in one of our ice chests.

Please make sure to review the list below so you have everything you will need for the Coastwalk.

What to bring on a Coastwalk



Jacket – (wind and water resistant)

Long pants

Hiking shorts

Hiking boots

Walking shoes


Long Sleeve shirt



Tee shirt


Bandanna, handkerchief


Soap or body wash, Bio based/biodegradable



Dental floss

Daily Medications and vitamins

Shampoo, bio based/biodegradable


Insect repellent

Comb or brush

Towel and wash cloth

Personnel first aid items

Sleep wear

Poncho or rain gear

Camping gear

Tent, with footprint (pad underneath tent to keep your tent dry)

Sleeping bag with pad

Plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoon

Cloth napkin

Tupperware container, for leftovers with your name on it!

Flashlight or head lamp

Small Folding chair/ camp chair

Day pack

Canteen, hydration pack or 2 water bottles, 1 liter minimum each


Breakfast and Lunch food if desired.

The Chuckwagon will provide milk, almond milk, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, oatmeal, butter, fresh fruit and bread, nut butters and other sandwich fixings.

 Nice to have



Hiking poles

Camp Chair


Linda Schwaberow Walk Leader, Bob Adams Chuckwagon Master; Gail Williams, Donna Barnett, Donna Lockhart, Larry Rutherford, Bill Daniels Coastwalk Volunteers.