2024 Malibu Low-Tide Day Hike



Level: EASY (mixed beach, trails, and stairs) 

6.5-mile hike on the California Coastal Trail

This moderate hike on the wet sand is for all ages!

Super Low Tide -1.80 feet at 3:23 PM; Sunset 5:30PM

A guided walk on the CCT during the only tides low enough to allow passage on the beach. A rare opportunity to walk the sand and cross the headlands exposed by this tide. We will start at Paradise Cove, where food and drink may be available at the restaurant. We’ll walk past hidden Malibu mansions, tide pools and beaches. We will walk Paradise Cove, Escondido Beach, Malibu Cove Colony, Latigo Beach, Dan Blocker Beach, Puerco Beach, Corral Beach, Amarillo Beach and Malibu Beach to Malibu Lagoon.

Meet on Cross Creek Road no later than 1:15 PM. We will board the northbound LA Metro Bus #134 at 1:20 PM at 3822 Cross Creek Road. This bus stop is on the south side of Cross Creek Road, east of PCH. We will disembark at 1:32 PM at the Paradise Cove bus stop, cross PCH at the stoplight and walk down about 1000 feet to Paradise Cove. The hike will leave from the south side of the Paradise Cove pier at 2:00 PM. Estimated arrival at Malibu Lagoon State Beach 5:00 PM.  If you miss the 1:20 PM bus (or bus is full) take the next bus at 1:54 PM, arriving 2:06 PM at Paradise Cove and a hike leader will wait for you. SEE MAP BELOW.


Questions? Click here to send an email to Andy Vought, Volunteer Hike Coordinator.

Free parking on PCH north of Cross Creek; $12 parking at Malibu Lagoon State Beach Parking Lot (west side of PCH).

LA Metro bus fares, and parking fees, if any, will be hiker’s responsibility.

Driving alternative: You may park on either side of PCH just north of Paradise Cove beyond where the “No Parking” signs are and walk down about 1000 feet to the pier.

You may also park at Paradise Cove but it may cost as much as $40.

Note: If you park at or near Paradise Cove, you will have to find your own way back after the hike.

Coastwalk volunteers Mike, Tom and Andy will lead and sweep the hike.

There will be opportunities to leave the group and walk to PCH for a Lyft/Uber or bus 134 (every 40 minutes or so).