The Del Norte Classic Coastwalk 2019 - SOLD OUT

The return of the Northernmost Coastwalk along the Coastal Trail!

Del Norte County

Sept. 30-Oct. 5

6 days/5 nights

Rating: Moderate

Max Capacity: 25

$595 Non-Member Price

$570 Coastwalk Member Price

Join us on a border-to-border Coastwalk of the Del Norte County coast which spans 56 miles of Coastal Trail offering a unique diversity of unspoiled scenery and abundant wildlife. From remote beaches, ancient vegetated dunes, and rocky bluffs, to marine terraces and virgin redwood forests. Spend time with local naturalists, historians and advocates for the coast who guide you on daily hikes from the beach at the California/Oregon border to the Klamath River. 




Camping one night on the unspoiled beaches above the mouth of the Smith River on the California/Oregon border. Meeting with a representative from the Tolowa Nation as we hike in the Tolowa Dunes State Park. Camping two nights in the 17-acre campground with open sunny sites and Alder Groves. Visit the Del Norte Museum in Crescent City and follow the beach to the east and rugged sea stacks to the west. Walk out to the Battery Point Lighthouse and walk to Enderts Beach trailhead. Follow the original old Redwood Highway route offering sweeping views of the Del Norte coastline descending through dense coastal scrub into Nickel Creek Canyon. Meet with Redwood National Park biologist and hike through virgin redwood forests. Camp for two nights at Kamp Klamath where the Pacific meets the mouth of the Klamath River. Enjoy an all you can eat BBQ (with vegetarian options) on our final night together. Learn about the Yurok Tribe at the Yurok Country Visitor Center in downtown Klamath.

Trip Includes:

Camping, parking, guided hiking; shuttle transportation; gear haul; light breakfast fixings (cereal, juice, coffee); and 5 dinners.

Make sure to bring:

Food for your lunches.

Average Daily Hiking:

5 to 12 miles.

Types of Hiking Surfaces:

Coastal bluffs, sandy beaches, steep coastal mountains, dirt trail, old road with some pavement.

Elevation Gain/Loss:

Climb and descend 1320 feet with many switchbacks on Damnation Creek Trail in Redwood National Park.

Fitness Requirements:

Hikers should be in good physical condition

Itinerary (subject to change after winter weather and spring scouting trip, with more details to come)

Day 1: Monday September 30 – Hike to the mouth of the Smith River 3.75 miles – Easy.
1:00 PM – Meet at Kamp Klamath Campground, 1661 West Klamath Beach Road, Klamath, CA. or Alternate, carpool from Santa Rosa or Ukiah CA to Kamp Klamath, details to be determined. Leave cars park here.

2 PM – Welcome and Introductions. After everyone arrives shuttle to the California/Oregon border hike to the mouth of the Smith River, set up camp.

5PM- Happy Hour

6PM – Dinner

Overnight: Clifford Camp

Day 2: Tuesday October 1 – Tolowa Dunes State Park 6 – 8 miles – Easy.

7-8 AM – Breakfast

9 AM – Shuttle to Tolowa Dunes, meet with Tolowa Nation representative.

12 NOON: LUNCH ON OWN – Walk down Kellogg Beach to Pt. St. George, possibly go to Pebble Beach in Crescent City.

5PM- Happy Hour

6PM – Dinner

Overnight: KOA Group Campground, Crescent City

Day 3: Wednesday October 2 – Battery Point to Enderts Beach Trailhead 6-12 miles – Strenuous.
7-8 AM- Breakfast

9AM – Shuttle to Battery Point walk south on CCT on the edge of Crescent City, Visit Del Norte Museum, the Marina, Starfish Way. Walk to Crescent Beach to Overlook 200 elevation gain.

12 NOON: LUNCH ON OWN – Enderts beach Overlook to Nickel Creek then up the Last Chance Trail to Damnation Trailhead. Total up to 12.75 miles, 1330 feet elevation gain/560 loss, hikers can choose options here.

5PM- Happy Hour

6PM – Dinner

Overnight: KOA Group Campground, Crescent City

Day 4: Thursday October 3 – Damnation Trailhead MPM 16 to Lagoon Creek Picnic Area, on the De Martin trail, 8.75 miles, 670 elevation gain, 1530 loss – Strenuous.

7-8 AM- Breakfast

9AM – Shuttle to Damnation Creek, Visit with Redwood National Park Biologist, hike to Lagoon Creek.


5PM- Happy Hour

6PM – Dinner

Overnight: Kamp Klamath Campground

Day 5: Friday October 4 – Lagoon Creek to Klamath River 5.5 miles – Moderate.
7-8 AM- Breakfast

9AM – Shuttle to Yurok Country Visitor Center, hike Lagoon Creek Parking area to Klamath River Overlook.


5PM- Happy Hour

6PM – Last Night Party and All you can eat Kamp Klamath BBQ

Overnight: Kamp Klamath Campground

Day 6: Saturday October 5 – Flint Trail 4.5 miles, 850 elevation gain/loss – Moderate.

7-8 AM- Breakfast

9AM – Shuttle to Flint Trailhead – hike Flint Trail.



What to Bring

  • Camping gear
  • food for your lunches
  • Tent, sleeping bag, & sleeping pad
  • Sturdy walking shoes/boots
  • Windbreaker/parka
  • Fleece pullover, sweatshirt or sweater for warmth
  • Long pants and long sleeve shirt (protection against sunburn, poison oak, and tics)
  • Hat for sun protection, watchcap/beanie for cold, windy conditions
  • Other clothing – underwear, T-shirts, socks, etc.
  • Sun glasses with UV protection
  • Personal first aid kit (Band-Aids, antiseptic, blister pads, aspirin,
  • bug repellant
  • Toiletries, sunscreen
  • Day pack & reusable water bottle
  • Mess kit: plate, cup, bowl, eating utensils
  • Personal medicines & toiletries
  • Flashlight or Headlamp with new batteries (bring extra batteries)
  • Folding chair

Gail Williams: Gail is a retired Air Quality Planner who loves the coast and hiking and naturally found Coastwalk as a good fit. This is Gail’s first time as a walk leader, but she has many other seasoned leaders joining her for the revival of Del Norte Coastwalk. Gail has been on many Coastwalks over the years including Santa Catalina, San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo and Fort Bragg. It is Gail’s vision to walk the entire California Coastal Trail.



Bob Adams: I was born to a mom that loved taking her dogs for long walks. It was the 50’s & 60’s and San Francisco was a much less “developed” area, offering large areas to hike or drive to one of the many open coastal properties nearby for a daily 4-6-mile walk. My dad would arrange family gatherings and camping adventures throughout the Western United States. I then spent 24 years flying Air Force Cargo Aircraft around the world which afforded me access to hiking and camping opportunities throughout the globe so that I was able to hike on every continent-including Antarctica! Alone, with family or like-minded groups I have spent my years with a love of the outdoors. I spent 20 years as a RN at medical, surgical, oncology hospitals units.  I joined Coastwalk several years ago for another opportunity to discover new hiking and camping experiences and have been a Chuckwagon Wrangler supporting Coastwalks in almost every coastal county. This is my first year as a Walk Leader & organizer and I look forward to sharing some of my favorite hiking areas with like-minded friends & coastal enthusiasts”.


David LaFollette: I am a third generation Californian, now living in Ukiah, in Mendocino County. I have an education in Biological Science and years of experience in traveling and working in the woods and enjoying our Natural History.

Having retired from Cal Fire about ten years ago I got to travel all around the State fighting fires. Now I get to go to some of the Beautiful natural areas of this state and the world seeing the fauna and flora as a Naturalist.

I first become aware of Coastwalk in 1983 when as President of Madrone Audubon Society; a group of coastal activists approached the Sonoma Environmental Counsel seeking seed money to start Coastwalk. I joined their group and helped organize and lead the first couple of years of “Walks”. Then a permanent position with CDF opened up in Mendocino County and I took it. As a wildland fire fighter, back then, we couldn’t take summer vacation so making plans with Coastwalk ended, until I retired. With my summers free again, I have coordinated and led about ten years of “Walks” in Mendocino, Sonoma, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. My commitment to Coastwalk has grown as I stepped up to help, with the Walks Committee, as a Day Hike Leader and now on the Advisory Committee. Our latest project, a “Service Walk” will bring out my knowledge of working in the Forest with hand tools and combine it with coordinating a camping/hiking trip like a Coastwalk. This project will bring me a lot of satisfaction building another section of the California Coastal Trail. Finishing the whole CCT is a life time goal of mine.