Jug Handle Farms

Join us for a weekend of art and short relaxing hikes on the scenic and rugged Mendocino coastline with renowned art leader Janet Theilen. Learn how to watercolor, photograph, sketch and capture your experience in a weekend travel art journal. Expert or beginner, there is something for everyone. As weather and trail permit, we may trace and color leaves, ink-stamp plants, experiment with multimedia collage, and write about our surrounding. Sleep cozy indoors at the Jug Handle Creek Farm’s hostel, with native gardens, nearby ocean cove and Pygmy Forest. Experience excellent dinners and the fun of sharing games, books, art or photo tips with friendly people.

Optional slow walks 1 to 3 miles, some art advice, 3 days/2 nights, shared hostel accommodations, 15 capacity.

#13004     $295 Adult

Art Journal


I do art on the trail  because it is a way to remember a place in a deeper way than anything else I have tried.  When I study a setting as I try to capture it on paper, I notice many more details than I would snapping a photo.  The sketches I have in my journal are all real to me.  I remember the weather, the sounds, the smells, and especially the sight of it, because I’ve spent time analyzing what makes it special to me and I’ve made an attempt to record it’s beauty.  As time has gone by those sketches have improved.  But for me it’s the process that becomes more important than the product.  I look at those sketches, and I’m there again.

– Janet Theilen, artist in residence for the Jug Handle Farms Overnight Walk