Coastwalk California Executive Director, Una Glass, spoke to The California League of Cities Coastal Issues Group, at their recent annual conference in San Francisco. Ms Glass addressed the group on the topic of connecting to the statewide California Coastal Trail (CCT)in their communities and the benefits of doing so. Ms. Glass urged the attendees, who were City Council members and Mayors from throughout California’s coastal counties, to get involved with the CCT if they had not already done so. She pointed out that the CCT is popular not only with hikers and environmentalists, but also with business, cyclists, equestrians, families, wellness advocates, senior citizens and tourists. “How many other programs are so popular with so many groups?” she asked.

She pointed out that walking and hiking is the most popular form of outdoor recreation and that it adds billions to the national economy from sales of related equipment (shoes, outdoor clothing etc.) and expenditures at businesses close to trails such as restaurants ans snack bars. Additionally studies have shown that proximity to walking trails is one of the most popular amenities desired by new home buyers and therefore add to home values. She also pointed out that people who live close to trails are 16% more likely to achieve medically endorsed healthy activity levels.

Ms Glass ended the talk by saying,”The trail is fun, it’s healthy, it’s good for all income groups, age groups, ethnic groups etc – it’s good for the economy – it’s good for business – it’s good for property values — even dogs like it! Basically it’s a very cool idea so let’s work together to get it completed!”.