Agenda for December 17, 2011 Board meeting

Meeting to be held at Coastwalk office, 555 So. Main Street, Sebastopol, CA

1. Opening remarks (Gregory)                                                                                               10:00 AM

2. Additions or changes to agenda (Stan)

3. Approval of minutes of the May 21, 2011 meeting (Linda)

4. Financial Reports (Mike & Una)                                                                                          10:15 AM
a. Treasurer’s report
b. Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss as of 10/30/2011
c. 2012 preliminary budget and discussion
d. Planning for future budgets without SCC grant income

5. Executive Director’s Report (Una)                                                                                       11:00 AM
a. Signage Contract Update
b. 2012 Walks Program
c. New Website Planning
d . National Parks Service Technical Service Award

6. Board Governance issues (Gregory)
a. Possible nominations for new Directors
b. Discussion of Continuing Directors and Officers
(four members’ term expires Jan 2012; Stan, Nancy, Mark, Pat)

7. Committee Reports (Committee chairs)                                                                              12:15 PM
a. Advocacy Committee
b. Trail Committee
c. Technology (Website/NEON  Update)

8. Open comment period

9. future Board meeting dates

10. Adjourn                                                                                                                             1:00 PM

11. Website and NEON Training                                                                                               1:05 PM