Ask anyone about their favorite memories of a Coastwalk and I guarantee at least one will recount memories of great meals around the campfire!

Our cooks are some of our most important volunteers, coming back to a hot delicious meal after a long day of hiking is one of the things that sets Coastwalk apart and above. Even with rising food costs, our cooks still manage to keep their meals under budget and provide quality food for all our hikers and volunteers. As more and more great meals were shared over the years, Coastwalk has often considered collecting recipes and putting together a Coastwalk cookbook.

With our new website up and running, we finally have a space to make an online cookbook happen! Submit your recipe with shopping list, tips and directions and a photo if possible and we will post recipes for volunteer cooks to find inspiration and walkers to find their favorites from meals past!

We will start by sharing a recipe using our Mountain Pie makers, available by request from the Coastwalk office. Donated by one of our volunteer Chuckwagon wranglers Jim Wilson, walkers can build their own sandwiches using these cast iron hot sandwich makers toast them to perfection over an open fire. They also unscrew and have a second toasting fork attachment for s’more making!

White sliced bread works best for these pie makers- we find the inexpensive, more squishy type of bread works best for clamping down the edges of the bread and sealing the edges of your sandwich together.

When Steph and I are making Mountain Pies we head to Trader Joe’s- they have a great range of condiments at good prices in quantities perfect for a Coastwalk group. We also love to have them on the last night of our trip as they are a great way to use up all of our leftovers and people have some pretty creative creations!

Mountain Pie Pizza

Mozzarella, Salami or Pepperoni, Basil, Marinara, or Pizza Sauce

Great Variations to throw in:

Pesto Sauce, Artichoke Hearts, Bell Peppers, Olives, Spinach- anything you would have on a pizza!

Stephanie and I love a Fig and Brie mountain pie, Trader Joe’s fig butter with some brie and fresh basil.

Or try artichoke tapenade with cream cheese and Parmesan, its like a warm artichoke dip, straight out of the fire!

The secret to the sandwich is to make it reverse of a normal sandwich: put the cheese directly on the bread and all your sauces between the cheese slices. The cheese will stick to the bread so that the contents won’t slide right out onto your lap!

The Coastwalk office has about 20 mountain pie makers, and just as many recipes for them, let us know if you want some on your walk next year!


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