This May, Coastwalk volunteers will take four young hikers from Richmond, Virginia on a custom, 6-day/5-night Coastwalk from downtown San Francisco, along the Marin Headlands, up Mt.Tam and down to camp their final night at Steep Ravine. This new route, currently being prehiked by our volunteers, stops at Bicentennial and Haypress campgrounds, NPS sites little used by Coastwalk in recent years.

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Some Background Info

We were contacted in early February by a group from Virginia about “hiring a guide” for a 5-6 day trip, and at the office, we looked at this request as an opportunity to explore the financial viability of developing custom itineraries for small groups. In addition, we are using this as an opportunity to work on a new route we haven’t used before, work with new agency partners (NPS, which has been a fantastic and positive experience so far), and for Coastwalk staff to work more closely with some of our volunteers we haven’t directly worked with before and get to know you better. We will evaluate at the end whether this was financially a good opportunity, but regardless, the things we’ve developed along the way (itinerary, agency relationships, documentation, etc) are well worth the time we have spent. We think we’ll GPS map the hikes as well to connect back to a couple other projects we have in the works at the office.

Our volunteers

A huge thank you to those who have helped out so much this far!

Jack Leutza
Jim Wilson
Gerald Freedman
Eric Stoelting
Ben Pease
Marcia Popper
Jill Denney