As we approach the dry spring and summer months, the scope and severity of California’s drought has become more apparent, but it is already clear that California is faced with extraordinarily dry conditions, with impacts to all sectors and every corner of the state. Some Regional and State Parks may not have running water this summer, and we’d like to address a few things to help you better prepare for your walk.

We will always provide cooking and drinking water on Coastwalks, and will be purchasing a few new water containers for extra water storage on the chuckwagons. Walk coordinators should anticipate that water availability can change at a moment’s notice.

In your walker letter, you may want to prepare your walkers for limited water, such as a lack of showers, and share some water conservation information. I’ve included a few links to such resources.

Low Impact Backcountry Hygiene
Tips to Help You Conserve Water (some of these practices run counter-intuitive to Coastwalk, but you may want to consider their convenience if you will be camping in a park with no running water)

Walks will not be cancelled due to weather (i.e. rain, heat, etc.), barring a serious safety issue. Coastwalk’s insurance will not cover cancelled walks. However, the safety of our hikers is our first priority, so preparing them well for slippery trail and wet conditions (if expected) is a good idea.

Please contact Coastwalk if you have any concerns or need help preparing for this. Or leave a comment below if you’d like to leave some tips for fellow volunteers!