Coastwalk Awarded New Grant From Coastal Conservancy to Fund Formation of Coastal Trail Alliance

California Coastal TrailCoastwalk was awarded a new $300,000 grant by the State Coastal Conservancy’s Board of Directors in November. Coastwalk, with help and funding from the Conservancy, will be working to develop a collaborative network of cities, counties and other agencies that own a strand of the Trail. Coastwalk is also receiving technical assistance from the National Park Service for this project. This network will share Trail information and resources, working together to ensure that the Trail has the wherewithal and plans needed to realize its completion. This step is absolutely necessary not only to manifest the vision of a continuous unbroken trail, but also to ensure the long term protection of California’s coastline.

The new Conservancy Grant will also be funding Coastwalk’s continuing work on its Coastal Trail signage program as well as its collaborative work with the Conservancy on public education regarding the Trail.

The State Coastal Conservancy is the lead state agency in planning for and completing the California Coastal Trail. Coastwalk and the Conservancy are committed partners as we work together to complete this amazing public resource and vital economic asset.

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