Monterey Bay Aquarium Overnight 2015

explore the Aquarium, sleep with the fishes and hike at Point Lobos

July 18 - 19, 2015

2 days/1 nights
Rating: Easy

$215 adult and youth

Spots Left!

 Monterey Bay Aquarium Overnight

July 18-19 $215
Rating: Easy  with guided, easy walking on slow hike of up to 5 miles, 2 days/1 night inside Aquarium. 30 capacity.

Sleep with the fish! This Coastwalk favorite is back. Share a fabulous Coastwalk overnight adventure at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with your children and grandchildren. We will have extra time at the Aquarium this year to allow us to get up close and personal with the residents! Start with a full day admission into the Aquarium followed by an early dinner and then roll out your sleeping bag next to your favorite exhibit. Wake up the next morning for a short day hike at Point Lobos to explore local wildlife and native plants. Lots of fun explorational activities for all ages.


Trip Includes:

full day entrance to the aquarium, overnight accommodation at the aquarium; dinner, light breakfast, hot water/coffee,  evening programs and optional hiking.

Make Sure to Bring:

tent, sleeping bag and pad, water resistant or water-proof light weight jacket (damp weather is a possibility), sturdy boots and clothes suitable for a day at Aquarium and light hiking at Point Lobos.

Average Daily Hiking:

5 miles a day

Types of Hiking Surfaces

sand and dirt trails

Elevation Gains & Losses


Fitness Requirements



Monterey Bay Aquarium Sleepover
Sample Itinerary

Subject to change (some hikes and campsites use special permits. This itinerary is not a recommendation for personal use)

Day 1:
Arrive at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Enjoy a day exploring the aquarium and scoping out your sleeping spot! Enjoy afternoon optional tide pooling before the evening program. Evening program will include scavenger hunt and other fun filled activities. Then, sleep with the fish swimming above your head!

Day 2:
Wake up to the sound of flapping fins around the aquarium as the animals start to wake up. We will have a quick breakfast and then head to our next adventure, a hike at the beautiful Point Lobos State Nature Preserve. After lunch we will have a closing circle and depart.



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Monterey Bay Aquarium Overnight

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